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Please be sure to measure over a leotard or skating dress. DO NOT measure while wearing jeans, sweaters, or other bulky clothing.
Please measure carefully, as the fit of the skating dress will be as accurate as the measurements.
Please also include the skaters height, weight and age.

#1.  Chest
#2  Waist
#3  Hips
#4  Girth- Start tape measure at the top of the shoulder,
      bring it down between the legs then along the back
      and return it to the shoulder.
#5  crotch- Start the tape measure at the natural
      waistline in front, down between the legs to the
      waistline in back.
#6  Sleeve #1- Measure from the shoulder seam at the top
      of the shoulder down over a
      slightly bent elbow to the wrist.
#7 Sleeve #2- From the armpit to the wrist (straight arm)
#8  Arm- Around the top part of the arm